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Equipping women and young girls with the confidence to live a life of freedom by offering prevention, healing & empowerment through self-defense training.

What Our Clients Say

I never would have imagined that I would find such joy, healing, freedom and empowerment in martial arts!

Uncaged changed my life! When I first began training, I had been in treatment for years to address the childhood sexual abuse and assault of my past. Uncaged has been my refuge to explore these painful memories and the power that I possess. After the first session, I knew that this was the next stage in my healing.

After the very first training session, I felt more confident and empowered, and I knew that I had stumbled onto the next stage of my healing process.

I carry myself differently, and I no longer experience the intense fear and anxiety that I used to when going out in public and being out after dark. I have learned just how strong and powerful I am.

I had no idea that so much of the pain of my past had been stored up in my body. The trauma that was once stored in my body has been released, and I have found a new and deeper freedom from the memories and flashbacks that frequently bombarded my thoughts.

This has given me back my power and set me on a path to healing and strength I never could have imagined. Thank you Uncaged for investing in my freedom and my future!

The Uncaged training has radically changed my walk of faith, and my view of my Savior. As an adult, I have always clung to the quiet, gentle, compassionate Christ of my childhood and I have struggled to grasp the power of Almighty God. After working with my Uncaged instructor I have unlocked the warrior that has been caged inside the heart of a little girl, and I have fallen in love with my Savior all over again.


Non-Profit Based In Fremont County...

Based in Fremont County, Colorado, Uncaged Today (501c3) works with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, using self-defense training to assist in recovery and social reintegration.

Private And Safe Environment...

In a private, safe environment, Uncaged provides an opportunity for women who have experienced violence and the resulting trauma to have one-to-one self-defense training, with a goal to prepare clients to continue their training in a more public environment.

Self-Defense Scholarships...

In addition, as part of our prevention goals, we are working to identify and provide training for "at-risk" women and children by providing full or partial scholarships to local self-defense schools.

Would you like to make a donation?

By supporting us you are supporting survivors here in Fremont County. General donations for operating expenses or sponsorship opportunities are tax-deductible.

"... proclaim liberty to the captives..."


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